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What the camgirls we talked with said about our services even before our site was opened for public registrations and some fresh impressions


It has passed more than a whole year of content preparing and building of the website . While doing so, among many other things we have done, we did consult cam models that were already doing the webcam modeling job. Some of them had huge and long experience behind. So, what we have done, we introduced to them prepared content and show them a sneak peak of the completed parts of our platform (website). We gave them lessons and whole courses to read followed by the questions for the test exams. All that with a single goal of making the content for you perfectly simple and complete in every aspect covering everything you need to know. Bellow you can find some of their impressions about what have they been seen and reading.

girl modelI was never expected to see something like this. You have done great job and I think anyone who wants to work as a cam model should go through your lessons.

Jessica J.

You guys made my eyes full of tears. Reading everything, you reminded me of how hard it was for me when I was starting alone by myself. Spent so many days for nothing. Lost so many nerves, being cheated every day. No one knows how hard it was for me. If I had anything that even looked like the lessons you have created everything would be different. I am really happy to know that from now on any girl that is struggling for a better life by doing a cam job will finally have a place of a true help


This is the website that I will recommend to every single good friend of mine !


Working as a model for more than 5 years and I ended up surprised ! I thought I know everything but now I see I was wrong. Some of the things I have been reading about in the lessons I am going to start using in the future for sure !


I don’t know who are the members of the team that prepared all this but I can say you have done an outstanding job ! I am shocked and speechless in the same time !


cam girlI LOVE your website! The lessons I’ve done so far have been UNBELIEVABLY helpful! Thank you so much for creating these lessons! All of the hard work that was put into this shows and it’s very much appreciated! I honestly don’t know if I would even be able to do this if it wasn’t for your lessons! Lol! 🙂


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