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Before you proceed to answering the questions we would like to kindly suggest that you read this short introduction as well as the important notices bellow. This will help you to better understand the concept of the test. Please be patient and careful enough to read and understand everything.

As first, test is not easy at all. Among 3 most common reasons why majority of girls wants to learn how to become a cam girl (make money as a steady income, have fun or become famous) camlessons.net learning platform is focused on the first one – how to make money on webcam as a steady income. If you are looking to start working as a cam girl only to have fun or become famous as a cam girl then some of the correct answers from this test can’t be applied to you. As our focus is on learning camgirls how to make money on webcam as steady income our webcam modeling courses and lessons have not left much space for having fun. Yet, it is always better to have fun with the family, friends and the people you care about than with some random strangers you have met online.

Secondly, there is an huge difference between this (quick) test and the tests that are covering each of our Courses. This quick test requires more attention and good thinking compared to the “courses tests” which are a lot easier to pass and understand because our members are going through appropriate lessons first. Furthermore, courses test are closely specified to different aspects of camgirl job while this test covers a bit of everything webcamming related.

As you will see there is a total of 20 questions and each question has only 1 correct answer to choose. None of the questions can be skipped and there is no time limit for you to give the answers. Therefore, take your time and think well before answering.

1. Is webcam modelling an easy job to do?


2. Are there any risks when broadcasting yourself ?


3. Is keeping your privacy necessary all the time ?


4. How many times you have shared your private data with a customer?


5. Does your webcam quality, light and environment have any impact on the amount of your earnings?


6. How many times you have tried to trick the cam site rules?


7. Does putting the DMCA watermark on your broadcasted video stream protects you of being recorded ?


8. Does the topic of your broadcasting has any importance to your performance and earnings?


9. Broadcasting in underwear has the same impact on your earnings as the broadcasting in clothes have.


10. What is the recommended length of a “flash”?


11. Do you expect loyalty from customers ?


12. Is a webcam, internet connection and prove of age enough to earn 5000$ each month as a model?


13. When was the last time you have added new pictures to your profile?


14. How secured you are in private chat with a customer?


15. How many times you have accepted payments outside the camsite?


16. How often you are using “tags” when broadcasting?


17. How trusted are websites across the Internet that are posting cam site reviews ?


18. How often do you change your prices?


19. Where do you keep your accessories / toys for the shows?


20. How often you play video games on smartphone/tablet while broadcasting?


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