Frequently asked questions

For those of you who would like to learn how to become a cam girl below we have summed up some of the most frequently asked questions with their respective answers. We have split them in the 3 main categories to make it easier for you.

Who can register account at ?

Any person that is at least 18 years old can register an account at

Is registration of a new account at really free ?

Yes, you can register your account with us at no costs. It’s completely free.

Do you collect any of members private data ?

Beside your country of residence and your e-mail address that is required for registration, we do not require any other additional private data of yours. Therefore, we don’t ask for your name, surename, address or phone number. They all stay in your privacy.

Are there any fees or costs after I create my account ?

No, there are no fees and costs at any point of your membership at

Do I have to sign any kind of contract with ?

No, there is no contract of any kind required to sign up with us at any point of your membership.

Can I cancel my membership and delete my account ?

Yes, you can cancel your membership and delete your account at any time. It’s up to you.

Can I lose access to the ?

Yes, you can lose website access in case you share your account with someone else or if you decide to quit using job accounts for some longer period of time (assuming you have quit camming you won’t need website access anyway).

I have just registered but I can not access courses and other site sections.

Don’t panic, everything is OK. As soon as your account gets reviewed and approved you will have enabled access to courses. All details regarding site access you can find within “MEMBERSHIP LEVELS (guidelines & requirements info)” column of your dashboard (home page).

How much does it cost access to the courses ?

It does not cost anything. Access to all courses and all lessons is free.

Can I buy access to any of the advanced courses ?

No, you can not buy access to any of the advanced courses. The only way you can access to the advanced courses is by solving the basic courses tests successfully and fulfilling some additional requirements for each one of them.

Is there any fee for accessing the tests ?

No, there is no fee for accessing to tests. Plus, you can repeat tests as many times as you wish until you are sure you have learned everything.

Who can see my test results ?

Only you and the administrators of the can see your tests results.

I can't access to some parts of the website. Why ?

Our website is configured in a way that access to each of the website sections depends of your membership level. If you can’t access to some parts it does mean that the membership level you have at the moment does not give you access to that particular section.

Where can I see my actual membership level ?

Your actual membership level can be found displayed at the right side of your username at the home page.

How do I advance through membership levels ?

You can advance to higher membership levels by successfully passing the tests and fulfilling additional requirements for each level. Simple guideline of membership levels with progress requirements is displayed at your home page all the time.

Can I buy higher membership level ?

No, you can not buy higher membership levels.

Can I be demoted to a lower membership level ?

No, you can not be demoted to lower membership level. Once you achieve a higher membership level it stays the same as long as you don’t fulfill requirements for promotion to a higher level.

Are there any benefits of having a higher membership level ?

Yes, of course there are ! The higher membership level you have the better access to the other sections of you have.

If you still aren’t sure if it is worth joining us after reading the frequently asked questions we would like to friendly suggest two things. First visit our blog and by reading articles discover how much we care about you. Secondly, check impressions page and read what few of camgirls, now our friends, told about our site. Both pages will help you make your decision.