Cam girl job Course modules

Courses section contains number of courses to various webcam modeling aspects of a cam girl job divided into corresponding lessons. Since we are doing our best to keep up with the latest webcamming trends and the industry courses and lessons are regularly updated .

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Test your cam girl skills

This is an quick test which result should give you an basic picture about how good are your cam girl job skills. No matter if you are only starting to learn how to become a cam girl or you have months and years of working experience behind you quick test fits both. You should accept test result and actually use it to improve yourself even more. More details and the link to test you will find at the bottom of the page.

Copyrighted Content Collector

Copyrighted Content Collector is service that collect addresses of the websites which are publishing stolen private shows and recorded free cam show videos across the Internet and helps in their removal.

Recorded videos removal service

You should already know that broadcasting sessions can be recorded and that there are many websites where these videos are published for free download. They all represent a huge issue for the camgirls and have an extremely bad impact on your sales. As a platform that is created to offer true help and support camgirls as much as possible we have added this unique service. Details about it, how it works and the requirements you can find by scrolling down the page.

TeamUP with us

Unique member referral feature with the opportunity of creating your own cam girl network. An original way to help camgirls that you know, support our platform and earn some extra profit for you at the same time. Be sure to meet details of this feature and be wise to use it for the benefit of us all.

Learn foreign language

No matter if you want to admit or not English language is something we can’t live today. Wherever you go and whatever you do in life sooner or later you are going to need it. Not to mention that it is the main language used in webcam modeling. Because of that learning it has as big importance in your life as other things and that’s the reasons why we gave this service such a big importance. However, we are not going to teach you. We are going to leave that to the professionals. For more details, scroll down the page.

Tech tricks

Beside all the lessons and hints we have prepared for you that directly relate with the cam girl job we wanted to share with you more additional knowledge regarding Internet and little tech tricks. They should help you understand some terms and events that occur sometimes and they will save your nerves making your cam girl job (and life) easier.

Reserved space

Space reserved for the upcoming cam girl job help services and features.



Courses are sorted by categories and learning curve follows optimized logical best practices on learning how to become a cam girl process. From start and very basics to the finish where you are becoming an successful cam girl. Access to all courses is free but access to each course depends of a membership level you have achieved. All membership levels are also free and moving from lower membership level to the higher ones can be only achieved by successfully passing “test exams” and fulfilling some additional requirements. Bellow we have summed up the list of the courses as well as the number of lessons each have and the aspects they cover.


This is one of the best free services for learning foreign languages we have seen among tens of them that can be found. The way of how the learning process is progressing, it’s curve and the original concept this service have makes it absolutely the best choice. Because we are using similar learning approach we are introducing this service to our members right after successful passing test of the Course 2 (Protecting yourself). Link to this service is located at your home page within extras section and you will be able to access to it as soon as you achieve higher membership level. We are sure you will be there in no time.

COURSE 0 – Path to success (3 lessons, Basic course)

COURSE 1 – Getting started (7 lessons, Basic course) + test exam

COURSE 2 – Protecting yourself (9 lessons, Safety course) + test exam

COURSE 3A – Chatting guide (50 tips, Basic tips)

COURSE 3B – Private show guidelines (29 tips, Basic tips)

COURSE 4 – Broadcasting (9 lessons, Advanced course) + test exam

COURSE 5 – Premium tips & hints (24 of them, Premium course) + test exam

COURSE 6 – Promoting yourself (5 lessons, Advanced course) + test exam

COURSE 7 – Psychology as your weapon (4 lessons, Premium course)

English, Spanish, French,

Russian, German, Italian,

Romanian, Greek, Czech,

Portuguesse, Turkish, Dutch,

Swedish, Danish, Norwegian,

Polish, Irish, Hebrew,

Japanese, Chinese, Korean,

Arabic, Hawaiian, Indonesian,

and more to come…


(Recorded videos removal service)


One of our services that we are specially proud off. What we do here is that we are searching for your videos at websites specialized for publishing recorded videos as well as searching for downloadable links of your recorded videos on a monthly base. Once we complete the search and discover your videos we are providing you with the links. All you have to do after that is to forward them to support of the cam site you work for and ask them to act. They should issue a DMCA takedown request to the administrator or website owners of the websites which are hosting your videos or links to them.

While you might find others offering similar (but professional service) for a monthly fee we are providing it completely for free. At the moment our “Video hunter” is basic service of this type and to be able to access it you will need to achieve “expert” membership level.


Video hunter will have several improvements over the time making it more efficient with each update in the future. At some point of time we will be lowering down required membership level. However, you should not expect that to happen anytime soon.


Rate your cam girl skills and general webcam modeling knowledge


As said above, quick test is made to give you the basic picture about the knowledge and experience you have gathered about cam girl job over the time. We would like to highlight that this test is not designed in a way to force you to register after getting the result. Test questions are covering all the aspects of the webcam modeling job and they are randomized on purpose. Keep in mind that there is only 1 correct answer to each question even if sometimes you might think that more answers could be correct at the same time.

In case of a low score you should not be sad because you have the best learning platform for camgirls right in front of you. It’s up to you to decide if you will be using it to improve your cam girl skills or you will look for a help and support at some other place.

Also, those of you with years of experience who ended up with a low score. Don’t think that this test is bad, stupid, useless or so. Instead, be smart, try to find the mistakes and correct them. If you manage to do that we are sure that you will make money on webcam like you have never been making till now.

In case you would like to test yourself click the button bellow to start the test.