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We would like to wish you a warm welcome to, absolutely the best site to start or improve your webcamming skills, learn how to become a cam girl and  make money as most popular cam girls do becoming best cam girl by yourself. You may still be deciding whether cam girl job is for you or you may have already decided it is. Maybe you were referred to us by a friend or you have found us using Google. Moreover, you may already be working as a camgirl. Regardless of how or why you came to, one thing is for sure. You have come to the best site where you will find answers to all the questions you may have about webcam modeling. Here you will find precise tips on how to and what to do before, while and after broadcasting presented in detailed, easy to follow lessons.


We have done our best to make everything clear for you. After you pass through our webcam modeling courses you will no longer waste your time spending hours “sitting for nothing”. Instead, you will be able to get nice amounts of tokens from the very start! By reading bellow find out what makes camlessons so different than the other camgirl jobs promoting sites. We are confident that after going through our webcamming courses you will be surprised how quickly your new camming techniques bring success and tokens directly into your pocket.

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How to be a cam girl ?

What will you learn with us


We are sure that you have already seen a lot of information about cam girl job around the Internet. However, ask yourself if you are confident enough that you already know what is important and what is not? What information are crucial for camgirl success and what doesn’t even really matter? Are there any information missing? There are so many sites providing general, most common information: how to begin, what you need, what are minimum requirements and what are the first steps. However, that is far away from being enough and the actual reality and will NOT make you earn tokens . Not to mention that in start NONE of the sites informs you if there are any risks and what consequences webcamming job actually brings to your life. This are only some of the important aspects of the cam girl job we have sorted out for you within our courses.


Below is a briefed summary of what you will learn with us. You will find the three most important areas covering everything related to the webcam modeling. These three topics will give you precise insight about what you will be learning through camlessons courses and will help you to make money as a cam girl much faster than the other camgirls. Not only that you will learn how to become a cam girl but, what is more important, you will learn how to be the best cam girl!

What you will learn

From start to finish, everything you need to know about webcam modeling.

We begin with the essential things you need to know about webcamming even before you turn on your webcam. We cover all aspects of the cam girl job and teach you everything you need to know. Armed with this information you will be fully prepared for any situation that you may encounter. All because we share a common goal – to make you best cam girl right from the very start.

All the webcam modeling tricks, tips & hints you should know.

Absolutely every trick and hint you need to know in order to be confident, able to work comfortably and free of stress while maximizing your efficiency. You will be able to increase your token earnings even beyond much more experienced camgirls.


Things and facts about webcamming that no one else will tell you.

Many sites will say that webcamming is easy, many of them will say “anyone can make significant money in no time.” Others will promise a lot but most of them will skip some very important facts. Details are making huge difference between possibility and reality. Facts that you will hear and learn only at camlessons.







General tips


Premium tips


Path to your cam girl success

Why chose


Let’s explore the situation up to now. If you’ve already attempted to find tutorials and instructions on how to be a cam girl then you know how many honest sites exist – almost none. Now think about the ones you have found. How professional are they, how good are they at covering important aspects of webcam modeling and how well do they actually explain and deliver knowledge? Don’t look at how they have been designed and how good they appear. Their site design and their look will not help you in any way.

Let’s go a step further and think about how often they are updated with fresh content.  When was the last time they actually had an site update? How good do they deal with new trends and changes within the webcamming industry? Have they been created and left to be forgotten? Are they offer any serious help so you will really make money as a cam girl?

Your bright camgirl future starts here with us

Here at we have much more for you! Have you ever thought of becoming independent camgirl working just for yourself? If you haven’t this may be the right time for you to think about. How would it feel that you are able to keep all your earnings for yourself? To spend hard earned money the way you want and for the things you want? For the first time this may be possible and it is closer to you than you have ever dreamed of. Take a closer look at why it would be so great for you to become a cam girl with us.

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Why we are different

This is the only site of it’s kind. You won’t find other sites even similar to our.


No matter how hard you look, you will not find any other sites similar to our. The concept we provide is absolutely unique and that’s what makes camlessons so different and so special.



We are helping you with easy to follow experienced support.


We have structured site content and courses in friendly and “easy to understand” lessons. By creating this unique concept we are providing you professional help being the best possible support at one place.

We are continuously updating site and refreshing site content.


Not only that we have given you the opportunity to learn everything webcamming related but you can continuously improve your skills and  performance as we update our courses and lessons on a regular basis. You will not miss a thing as long as you stay with us.

Why we are different

We care about your safety and your privacy at first place!


Unlike others we are taking care of your safety and your  privacy by presenting you the risks of webcam modeling job. Only with us you will learn how to keep your privacy and stay safe before you go online and start webcaming.

We are supporting you with additional services and site features.


Beside course modules we are providing you with additional original services and site features that make our support to you far more better than the others.

We are collecting useful webcamming resources across the Internet and bringing them to you!


Our specially dedicated site section not only that contains various webcam modeling resources but we are updating it as soon as we find new and useful ones.


Why we are different

You can become independent of the studio and the boss.


Some of you will have the chance to work for yourself only for the first time ever and be your own boss. You will be the one to choose when to come online and how long you will broadcast. Everything will be under your control.


Thanks to us 100% of your earnings will be yours!


This is where the things get even better. Absolutely all the money you make as a cam girl will stay with you (of course except the part that cam sites are taking). We do not ask for any fee and we don’t have any hidden costs that will show up later.


It is completely free without any hidden costs later!


And we kept the best part for last. All of the above we are offering to you at absolutely no cost. Membership at is completely free of charge! Our courses, lessons, updates, and all other site features are free.

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Join us and make a fresh start !

How it works


The idea is to make everything as easy as possible and we are proud to say that we have managed to make it so! We have created a step by step concept that you will follow with ease. From your registration to our site, through the course modules and learning the techniques, to the very end where you will enjoy spending your new earnings. Each step is made of a clear description and easy to follow instructions allowing you to progress at your own pace without any pressure from our side.


If you take a quick look at the steps below you will see for yourself how simple it is. If you are still unsure what to do we would like to kindly suggest you to check services page.  There you will find list with the brief explanation of the features camlessons are offering to cam girls completely free of charge. In general, diversity and level of support we are providing to camgirls you will hardly find anywhere else. Especially not for free. You may also want to check answers to the most important frequently asked questions so feel free to do so.


We have done our best that with our help and support you become the best cam girl. Yet, decision is up to you. Once again, welcome to the !

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Register on our site.

Create an account with us using a simple form which will enable access to our website.

Complete your profile

In order for us to better understand your needs and continuously provide the best possible support, it is necessary that you provide us with a bit of information about yourself and your general experience (no personal details required).


Complete basic course modules and track your cam girl career progress 

You’ll get essential tips and hints on how to become successful cam girl through a series of basic, advanced and premium courses. Successfully passing each course will qualify you to achieve higher membership status, enabling you access to more advanced and premium areas of

Create a new cam girl account & start making money supporting us at the same time (optionally)

After completing first 3 basic courses, from the “career” page you will have the option to create new cam girl account and begin your webcamming journey with us. By doing so, not just that you will become qualified to reach all membership levels but you will also support our platform so we could keep improving the existing content and continuously offer new features and services that will help you and other camgirls in your struggle for a better life.

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