Best cam sites – updated list of the most popular, best sites for cam girls today sorted by real data


  1. What this article is about
  2. Best cam sites reviews purpose – true reviews or (paid) advertisements?
  3. Different aspects by which a cam site quality can be defined as the best one
  4. How to define the popularity of a cam site?
  5. Best cam sites according to Google (top search results)
  6. Breakdown and analysis of Google top search results for the queries “best cam sites” and “best sites for cam girls”
  7. Actual accurate cam sites metrics and stats (February 2023 update added)
  8. Don’t be fooled anymore – learn how to check cam sites stats on your own
  9. Conclusion and final words


1.What this article is about

How many times have you tried to find out what are the best cam sites today? How much time have you spent looking for the answer only to end up being even more confused? Question seems straight and it is very clear but the answer? Anyone who has ever performed a google search to find the correct and precise answer to this simple question knows very well how hard it is. Results and content they are linking to are confusing, often contradictory. In some of them some cam sites are at the top while in some others they are not. At the same time each of those top ranked links and articles look serious and trustful but are they?

Whether you are a cam girl or you are thinking about starting a cam girl job this article is going to give you the precise answer. And not only that! You will never again end up lost in the information jungle. It’s because we are going to teach you how to understand the differences and rank cam sites on your own. You won’t let others confuse and make a fool of you anymore. It’s because you will know how to search and discover facts by yourself!

Before we start, be advised that this is NOT going to be just another 5 or 10 minute read article. There are going to be photos, tables, numbers, comparisons and detailed analysis. We are going to explain to you different concepts and approaches to cam site reviews. Furthermore, we are going to present you with real cam sites stats. On top of that, we will show you how amateur and unprofessional some of the best ranked articles that cover this topic actually are. But, one thing at a time. Let’s go step by step.


2.Best cam sites reviews purpose – true reviews or (paid) advertisements?

Have you ever asked yourself what the purpose of posted cam sites reviews really is? Have you ever asked yourself why there are so many posted best cam site reviews in the first place? What do you think? Is their purpose to help cam girls and other users who are interested in webcamming or is the purpose something else? We are about to unwrap this riddle for you so you understand what happens “behind the curtain”.

There are not many reasons why best cam sites reviews (and general reviews) have been written and published. In general, there are 3 main reasons. That would be:

  • providing real, accurate information for users and public use
  • acquiring a website ranking improvement
  • advertising purpose aiming to bring profit to publisher (directly or indirectly)

First and second reasons above are directly related to each other and usually they are wrapped together. First reason directly pulls the second. If reviews represent value to the public they will be shared as well. That will bring more traffic to the website they are published at, making it more popular. As such, being correct and relevant, reviews represent true value to users.

Advertising purpose

Advertising purpose on the other hand, are articles (reviews) published with the only intent of making profit, directly or indirectly. Usually such reviews are masked with content that pretends to look reliable and serious. Often, such review titles contain date, month or year to look more fresh and accurate. Often, you can not notice anything wrong with such reviews. Techniques of bringing profit to review authors (publishers) go even beyond your imagination. Authors tend to build site and whole blog networks in order to get as much publicity as possible and “confirm” each other’s reviews. They look different but there is one common thing for them. Such review articles and websites favor one or more websites they have use of, while presenting the competition worse than it actually is.


How to understand the true nature of published articles and reviews

True nature of best cam sites reviews and reviews in general can be disclosed only if you scratch a bit under the surface. For that you need to have little knowledge about affiliate marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation). And of course, you need to have good knowledge of the topic you are interested in so you can recognize the true value of published reviews. But, before going “under the surface” there is another necessary factor we want you to learn about.


3.Different aspects and factors by which a cam site quality can be defined as the best one

How do you evaluate the quality of a cam site? What are the things and facts that qualify a cam site to be the best one in the first place? Are the same cam sites equally good for camgirls and cam site visitors or are there differences?

Beside the purpose of the best cam site reviews articles, there are two more reasons that makes searching for the best cam site even more complicated. First reason is a huge difference in the perspective you are evaluating cam site quality from. Second reason is the significant number of different factors (metrics) a cam site quality is measured in. Let’s shortly introduce you to both.

There are 3 most common perspectives from which a cam site quality can be evaluated:

  • As a cam site user
  • As a cam girl
  • As affiliate marketer or business owner


Different perspectives a cam site can be analyzed from

Only by looking at the list above it is clear these 3 groups do not have the same needs and interests. Cam site use intent is different for each group. Because of that, they are interested in different elements and characteristics of a cam site.

Cam site user’s main focus is on prices while the number of camgirls and video stream quality comes second. More less those are factors a cam site user is interested in the most.

Camgirls are interested in a whole range of other factors than those mentioned above. The most important factor that defines the best cam site for camgirls is cam site popularity. Obviously, the more popular cam site is, it is logical to assume that more money can be earned. Directly related to it comes the expectation of how much money a cam girl thinks she can earn working for a cam site. Next to those factors come cam site type (is it freemium or premium) and percentage of money cam site takes from their cam girl earnings. After those come models of payment, payment dynamics, cam site rules, user interface, support quality and dedication. Some more defining factors are cam site design, reward programs and others. As you can see none of these factors cam site users (visitors) are interested in at all.

Affiliate marketers and business owners sum up those two and look at how to make profit in general. If possible, from both sides.

In this analysis, we are looking for the best cam sites for camgirls only. As we have just mentioned above, there are a lot of factors that define cam site quality from the camgirls perspective. Among them all, within this article we are focusing only on the most important factor to them – cam site popularity.


4.How to define the popularity of a cam site?

Defining the popularity of a cam site is the same as defining the popularity of just any other website. There are 3 main factors that generally define website popularity and those are:

  • traffic volume,
  • number of opened pages per visit,
  • average user visit duration.

Knowing these metrics, it is easy for anyone to define the website popularity of any website on its own. The only challenge you have is to find a website (service) that tracks Internet websites’ statistics. Once you find such a website it is easy to make a quick analysis and find the most popular websites in any category you are interested in. Of course, we have done that instead of you. You will find a link to the website we had used for this analysis within the article below.

Now that you know how to define the popularity of websites let’s see how Google works. How its search engine actually works and how search results (in our case reviews and articles) are ranked.


5.Best cam sites – Google top search results

So, how is Google ranking articles and displaying search results to users? How do these “best” reviews reach Google top search result page? Explanation in detail would take enormous amounts of information and time. Besides, you don’t need to know all that. That’s why we are going to maximally simplify the explanation by breaking it down to two highest involved factors.

Any kind of content published online is being deeply analyzed by Google. You would be surprised if you knew how many elements Google takes into consideration when analyzing published articles. Some say over 200 different parameters are involved in that process but no one knows exactly how many. Also, that number goes up with every Google algorithm update. It is because Google is doing its best to provide users with the most accurate and reliable search results. That’s why site owners and blog authors are doing their best to adapt content they publish toward Google quality standards. Below we are introducing to you two factors that have the biggest influence on Google content ranking.


Content length

Content length is one of the aspects that has a huge impact on how Google evaluates the quality of an article. That’s why the majority of best cam sites reviews Google return as a top search result are long articles. However, Google is not (yet) smart enough to understand if article content itself is correct or not. No matter how many other aspects Google takes into account if compared articles are mostly similar in length Google will show both as relevant. Problem is that Google is not able to decide which content is better or more reliable. That’s why often the contents of top ranked results are different from each other. End result is that a user who made a Google search will end up confused even more than before doing the search in the first place.



Second equally important aspect that Google takes into consideration is how many “backlinks” an article has. For those of you who don’t know what backlinks are here is a quick explanation. Backlink is nothing else than a link posted anywhere online that is linking the article or any other type of content. For example, when you share a Youtube video on your social account you actually share a link to that video. And voila, you just made one “backlink” to Youtube. So, whatever and whenever a link that is linking to another website is shared it is called a “backlink”.

Each backlink an article has is like a vouch for article content (like a facebook like). The more backlinks (vouches/likes) an article has the more it will look valuable to Google. Thus, Google will rank it closer to 1st. page of search results. Not all backlinks are equally valuable. Those that come from more reliable sources/websites are better than those that come from websites where anyone can write anything. Obviously, having more backlinks from high quality websites helps a lot.


Reviews reliability notice

Before we proceed there is an important note we want to highlight. Not all reviews are unreliable because of bad intentions behind. Some are unreliable simply because of a lack of knowledge and lack of valid information. Also, it might happen that they have been published a long time ago and in the meantime they become outdated. Yet, that does not make any difference nor helps you in any way. They are still incorrect and unreliable and by being so they are not useful to you.


Now let’s see what Google shows as the most reliable reviews, which are the best cam sites.

In order to make this analysis more relevant we have made two separate searches. First one from the most commonly used general aspect, we have searched for “best cam sites”. Second search we wanted to be from the cam girls perspective. It took some time to find out the most used query since there are many similar. After analysis it turned out that “best sites for cam girls” was the most used query so we used it for our search. Below you see two screenshots of the Google top 10 search results for those two queries in September 2022.

best cam sites query top search resultsbest sites for cam girls query top search results

PHOTO 1: best cam sites by google    PHOTO 2: best sites for cam girls by google


As you can see there is not much difference in search results. Nine results from those two different ranking lists are leading to the same websites. This is just another confirmation of what we said above a little bit earlier. Despite all the factors and elements included in articles analysis Google uses, its search algorithm does not know how to make a content difference. It is not able to understand different aspects and recognize different perspectives of queries. Not to mention, once again, Google does not know if those results (content) are correct or incorrect, true or false. Absurdly, top 10 search results are practically unusable for anyone. The only exception are advertised sites whose SEO experts have built their ranking for marketing purposes. Let us show you why.


6.Breakdown and analysis of Google top search results for the queries “best cam sites” and “best sites for cam girls”


Before we start with analysis there are two important things we want to highlight. First, a better search alternative to Google simply does not exist. Yes, you can use Yahoo search, Bing or other search engines but none of them is a match to Google search. In addition to that, the vast majority of common Internet users are using Google search. Those who use alternative search engines are not representing valid volumes to take into consideration. Second, if these top search results are so unreliable can you imagine the reliability of the search results that are not in top? Not necessarily they all will be bad. Yet, can a common internet user or cam girl that is doing a search recognize reliable ones?

Below we are presenting you how (un)reliable, in(accurate) and often false is the content of “best cam sites” articles ranked as the Google top search results.


Top search result ranked 1st. – the best (…)

screenshot of the false best cam sites ranking list by thebrag

  • Monthly traffic within this review is completely outdated.
  • Ranking criteria is either unclear or varies and it is mixed so it is not representing precise and clear ranking.
  • Jerkmate is ranked as 5th without any valid reason to be so.
  • Onlyfans as 10th. is not a classical cam site. It has a different concept than the cam sites. Therefore it does not belong to this category and should not be considered at all.
  • Royalcams cam site does not exist as the original cam site. They became bongacams making this ranking absolite.
  • Voyeurhousetv also is not a classical cam site. It is completely non relevant for this ranking.
  • Model pay range is impossible to confirm. Actually, any amount of pay range can be applied to any cam site. There is no way to check and confirm those numbers.
  • Questions and answers as well as rest of the content below can also be discussed.
  • There is no ranking table for top 10 results posted so we are attaching 11th. to 15th. (instead of attaching screenshot for each 1st. to 10th. rank separately)


Top search result ranked 2nd. (…)

screenshot of the false best cam sites ranking list by chicagoreader

  • Another review with unclear ranking criteria.
  • Cam sites ranking with jerkmate as 1st. and cherrytv as 2nd. is faked (check next chapter and table with accurate ranking results below).
  • “Best for” column is unreliable and inaccurate. It looks more like it is there just to fulfill the purpose rather than provide correct information.
  • Cam site descriptions are general. They can be replaced among ranked cam sites and still would fit each other.
  • Pros and cons are randomly added. They are also more descriptive to fill the form (content) than to present accurate information.


Top search result ranked 3rd. (…)

screenshot of the false best cam sites ranking list by scene

  • Again unknown ranking criteria
  • Pros and cons bellow the table (check at their website) are false
  • Favorizing jerkmate without references. Pros are the same as the majority of other similar cam sites have. They are more like an ad than facts. Cons are focused on high prices and minimal free options. Then what qualifies jerkmate to be ranked as the best one unless it is a pure promotion?
  • Chaturbate qualified as outdated? Really? They state that chaturbate requires registration for “juicy stuff”. Both of these two statements are nothing else but a lie.
  • Bongacams are qualified as “looking a little cheap” plus with loads of popups. Again not correct.
  • Imlive is qualified as an outdated cam site which is also not correct.
  • is qualified as having a slow server and few free options. Again, nothing of these two is correct. Options they have are the same or similar as other premium cam sites have.
  • Stripchat is qualified as having to pay for the good stuff. Another lie.
  • Whole article is similar to the one ranked 1st. Besides, it is within the sponsored pages category. That is just another confirmation that review is actually an ad and not a reliable information source.


Top search result ranked as 4th. (…)

screenshot of the false best cam sites ranking list by rft

  • Almost a copy-paste of the site ranked as 3rd.
  • Best for column is used only to place targeting “keywords” (used for SEO purpose).
  • qualified as not having many chat opportunities? False, there are many.
  • Royalcams as 5th. are bongacams now. Not correct and completely misleading ranking.
  • Streamate qualified as an outdated cam site. Another false qualification.
  • Bongacams qualified as not having many private chat options. False, they have plenty.
  • is marked as having expensive private show prices. False, other premium cam sites have similar prices for private shows.
  • Luckycrush – what is this ? Totally unknown site. Not even a classical cam site.
  • Xcams ? We have no idea of what criteria has qualified this site to be part of this best cam sites ranking list.


Top search result ranked as 5th. (…)

screenshot of the false best cam sites ranking list by inquirer

  • False categorisation of cam sites.
  • False ranking.
  • Cam site descriptions are content length focused rather than presenting actual correct information.
  • Again jerkmate ranked as 5th. without valid and clear reasons but promotion.
  • Onlyfans ranked as 10th. Even though they do not belong to the cam sites category.


Top search result ranked as 6th. (…), similar to 1st.

screenshot of the false best cam sites ranking list by happymag

  • Monthly traffic is completely outdated.
  • Unclear ranking criteria.
  • Jerkmate 5th. (again) without valid and clear reasons but promotion.
  • Onlyfans ranked as 10th. even though they do not belong to the cam sites category.
  • Runners up 11th. is dead link, 13th. Voyeurhouse is not a cam site and therefore does not belong to this ranking category, 14th. maturescam is a “white label” of livejasmin, royalcams are bongacams now so their ranking is completely unreliable.


Top search result ranked as 7th. (…)

screenshot of the false best cam sites ranking list by metrotimes

  • To save your time we will just say that it is the same as search results ranked 3rd. and 4th.


Top search result ranked as 8th. (…)

screenshot of the best cam sites ranking list by ccbill

    • Stats are a bit outdated.
    • Not favoring any cam site.
    • Additional content has basic informative purpose about cam sites and it is ok.
    • Even cam sites ranking on this site is not accurate, this is still the most trustful ranking article of all top10 search results.


Top search result ranked as 9th. (…)

  • Quora Q/A concept does not contain an official best cam sites list and therefore we could not include it in our analysis.


Top search result ranked as 10th. (…)

screenshot of the false best cam sites ranking list by readysetcam

There are 3 different lists within this review:  best value for money, best in actual month, best to make money – highest paying cam sites. These are the breakdowns of each of 3 lists.


First list:

  • Having Jerkmate as 1st, cherrytv as 4th and xcams as 7th qualifies this list as false.
  • Furthermore, nudelive is white label of streamate which shows that the review writer does not know the difference.
  • Onlyfans do not belong to the list since that is not a cam site.
  • List contains dead links which makes this list outdated and completely irrelevant.
  • On top of that every single link on the list is an affiliate link making clear the purpose of this ranking list.

Second list:

  • Similar to 1st. list, it has false ranking of cam sites and the cam site descriptions are not correct.

Third list:

  • This list is the closest to being accurate. Yet list still contains some wrong informations


Differences between two queries we have used

The only difference between these two Google top search results ranking lists are quora and reddit discussions. However, since their concept is different, these two websites (platforms) don’t contain official cam site rankings. Yet, you may find a lot of various discussions on webcam modeling topics on both. The only issue with those two sources is that informations on both are unsorted and scattered. Also, information reliability posted on both varies a lot.


7.Actual accurate cam sites metrics and stats

Note: Initial listing below has been done in september 2022. There is new update below it.

So, what are the best cam sites? Which are the best sites for cam girls? The table below represents the most accurate ranking list you will find today. Cam sites are sorted by their real stats and metrics that best reflect popularity of a website. There are several columns only that are easy to understand. First one represents the number of visits to a cam site per month. Second column shows the average number of how many pages each visitor opens per visit. Third column shows the average time a site visitor (user) spends per visit. Finally, the fourth column shows the global ranking of a cam site. Obviously, the higher the numbers the better with the exception of global ranking.


best cam sites accurate ranking table

PHOTO: Best cam sites previous accurate ranking (September 2022).

Additional important table notices

What we want here is that you pay attention to cam site stats. If you take a look carefully you will notice that there are some significant differences among them. Some cam sites manage to keep their users on a site for a longer period of time while others don’t. Number of opened pages varies as well. That also speaks to how entertaining they are. Obviously it is not the default rule that a cam site with higher traffic volume keeps the users on site longer than those with lower traffic volume. That tells us cam sites are not equal in quality despite having higher or lower traffic volume. If you are looking for a cam site to start your webcamming career as a cam girl you should take into consideration all numbers. Speaking of becoming a cam girl you will find a few more words just a little below.

You may notice that we have marked several jerkmate stats in red. It is because they significantly stand out compared to cam sites both, ranked above and below. Despite having high traffic volume (which we have used to rank cam sites) other stats are a lot worse. Obviously, something drives away visitors from their cam site.

White labels (sister sites)

Best cam sites list above contains mostly main cam sites. Beside them, there are several sister sites and white labels ranked. It’s because those white label cam sites have significantly high traffic volume (a lot of visits) and good metrics. Beside those on the list, the majority of the most popular cam sites (the ones closer to top) have many additional sister sites and white labels. For those of you who don’t know what the white label cam sites are, here are a few words.

By one of definitions, a white label is when a product or service removes their brand and logo from the end product and instead uses the branding requested by the purchaser. White label cam site is the one that uses all the resources from the main cam site under a different brand (cam site) name. Common users and site visitors can not know if a cam site is the main one or white label. Furthermore, product prices, services, terms and revenues on white labels might significantly differ from the main (original) sites. In our case, cam sites. If you are planning to start working as a cam girl it is very important for you to know the difference. Which are the main and which are white label cam sites. Our recommendation is that you always register as a cam girl on main ones.


Cam sites white labels notes

Sometimes white label cam sites have high traffic volume and sometimes don’t. That entirely depends on the white label owner and his promotional and marketing activities. In the table above we have ranked only a few white label cam sites. If we sum up their traffic volume and add it to the traffic volume of the main cam site they belong to, there can be a significant traffic boost (like in the case of flirt4free). As we said above, there are tens, maybe even hundreds of white label cam sites that are not popular. It is impossible to collect and analyze them all. They are not on our best cam sites ranking list simply because of lack of popularity and their low metrics.


Affiliated cam sites

Best cam sites are also often affiliated with the most popular adult websites and their networks. Why is this important? Because the access to video content of these adult sites are subscription based. That means users have to pay for monthly membership in order to access video content. Obviously, if they can afford monthly subscriptions on adult sites often they can afford to spend money on cam sites as well. Those are potential extremely valuable users and as such they are considered as high quality traffic. And one more important thing to highlight here. These affiliated cam sites sometimes can generate more traffic than some cam sites from the second part of our listing have.

The last thing. There are many other “main” cam sites which are not known and not that popular. Therefore, we have excluded them from the ranking as well.


Facts not taken into consideration when creating best cam sites ranking list (from cam girls perspective)

While creating the best cam site ranking list we have taken into consideration only metrics that represent website popularity. As a cam girl, beside these factors there are many other factors that are of a big importance to you. Some of those are cam site concept, payout percentages, payout dynamics, interface design and many others. You have to take them all into consideration when choosing a cam site you will register at.


February 2023 update:


Cam site name

Number of visits

Pages per visit

Visit duration

Global rank

sept 2022 / Feb. 2023

sept 2022 / Feb. 2023

sept 2022 / Feb. 2023

sept 2022 / Feb. 2023


stripchat cam site logo

608.1M / 781.9M

4.54 / 4.12

4m 25s / 4m 11s

51 / 46


chaturbate cam site logo

464.4M / 475.8M

10.29 / 10.17

8m 36s / 8m 30s

50 / 53


livejasmin cam site logo

194.8M / 257.9M

3.09 / 2.27

2m 41s / 2m 24s

195 / 185


xhamsterlive  cam site logo

178.4M / 179.2M

8 / 7.35

6m 26s / 6m 21s

139 / 158


bongacams  cam site logo

130.3M / 175.5 M

3.91 / 4.80

2m 10s / 2.18

281 / 188


jerkmate cam site logo

57.1M / 74.9M

1.74 / 1.71

47s / 56s

1200 / 933


myfreecams cam site logo

58.4M / 60.4M

5.08 / 5.02

5m 08s / 5m

705 / 703


cam4 cam site logo

55.9M / 59.1M

6.12 / 6.55

7m 20s / 7m 18s

651 / 644


flirt4free cam site logo

38M / 36.1M

2.79 / 4.26

2m 06s / 2m 46s

1520 / 1348


camsoda cam site logo

23.6M / 28.5M

6.75 / 6.98

7m 16s / 8m 9s

1948 / 1693


amateurtv cam site logo

15.3M / 18M

5.41 / 6.04

5m 07s / 6m 8s

3212 / 2716


camster cam site logo

7.4M / 9.3M

3.02 / 3.51

2m 36s / 2m 07s

9456 / 7363


cams cam site logo

5.9M / 7.5M

2.85 / 2.63

2m 32s / 1m 50s

11717 / 10167


streamate cam site logo

7.5M / 7.4M

11.98 / 11.61

11m 18s / 11m 33s

5405 / 5883


xlovecam cam site logo

3.8M / 4.5M

12.92 / 17.47

9m 21s / 11m 1s

9516 / 7561


mydirtyhobby cam site logo

5.3M / 4M

3.47 / 3.70

2m 02s / 2m 11s

11413 / 15529


imlive cam site logo

3.4M / 3.5M

6.12 / 9.30

5m 01s / 7m 43s

14819 / 12519


visitx cam site logo

2M / 1.7M

6.92 / 12.56

6m 12s / 5m

24226 / 21673


skyprivate cam site logo

854K / 1.2M

10.99 / 9.15

7m 43s / 6m 24s

42927 / 36067


cherrytv cam site logo

1.3M / 1.1M

4.15 / 7.22

4m 10s / 5m 49s

39388 / 37511


xcams cam site logo

1M / 1M

7.39 / 5.08

6m 44s / 4m 56s

42622 / 50700


naked cam site logo

1.1M / 948K

10.7 / 7.68

11m 04s / 8m 32s

40061 / 48963


manyvids cam site logo

596K / 698K

3.25 / 2.86

2m 13s / 1m 55s

subdomain/no data


camcontacts cam site logo

482K / 619K

12.23 / 20.66

8m 03s / 9m 35s

71420 / 46563


streamray cam site logo

1.3M / 541K

4.41 / 3.28

3m 42s / 2m 33s

40772 / 101995


marbocams cam site logo

379K / 361K

6.93 / 9.19

15m 02s / 15m 4s

126485 / 119921


sakuralive cam site logo

366K / 389K

7.46 / 10.73

1m 20s / 1m 13s

91131 / 76741


babestation cam site logo

200K / 170K

4.88 / 7.13

6m 57s / 5m 32s

202982 / 198921


luckycrush site logo

2.3M / 1.6M

3.04 / 2.59

1m 50s / 1m 58s

27570 / 43868

TABLE: Best cam sites accurate ranking February 2023

Numbers in green and red color represent significant changes up and down. Ranking is based on traffic volume. However, pay close attention to average time visitors spend on site. Some lower ranked cam sites are far more entertaining to the visitors compared with some of the higher ranked ones. That means not necessarily cam sites with higher traffic volume are more entertaining to the visitors and therefore best for you.


8.Don’t be fooled anymore – learn how to check cam sites stats on your own

How much time have you lost in endless Google searches without finding true and reliable informations? How many times have you relied on others’ opinions and reviews that turned out to not be correct? Imagine that instead of that, instead of losing hours and days in your search for the best sites, you do analyze and find them on your own. From this point on no one will be able to make a fool of you anymore. Not a single blog, review, listing or article will ever be able to cheat you again. It is because below we are going to teach you how to quickly and easily analyze any website stats. Thanks to this you will be able to make the best list or ranking on your own.


What you are going to need are two things only:

  • website (service) that tracks metrics and stats of other websites
  • Our table posted in previous article section as an example of how to create your own table


For analysis you will use the same website we did There are some other similar websites as well but this one is easy to use and it is free. Once you open the site what you have to do is to enter the address of the website you want metrics of and click “search”. In our screenshot example we will use bongacams.

screenshot of bongacams cam site stats and metrics

SCREENSHOT: bongacams stats and metrics for September 2022


Website metrics and stats explanation

As you see the most important website stats are displayed at the top. At the middle left you have the website name and short description of it. Right below, there is several additional information and details about the company. At the middle right should be a screenshot of the website homepage. However, don’t be surprised if the screenshot is missing. Sometimes it is not displayed which is not of much importance to us anyway. Now let us see which are important stats for your analysis.


  • Total visits: is the number of visits that website had in the previous month. The higher the number is the better.
  • Pages per visit: is the number of pages a website visitor has accessed when visiting the website. Again, the higher the number the better. That means a site visitor has interest in content.
  • Avg (average) visit duration: is average time a user spends on site. The longer the time is, the better. That means not only that a user is interested in website content but the content is useful to users.
  • Global rank: is the most accurate and precise information of a website ranking globally. It is based on true stats and not random estimation.


Beside those most important ones, there are few more additional stats (numbers) which you may track. Country rank and category rank are interesting but not crucial. Bounce rate represents the percentage of how many site visitors came to site and left doing nothing. Like the ball is bouncing from the floor site visitors bounce off the site. The smaller the percentage is the better. That means visitors have a good reason to stay at the website. Bounce rate percentage represents quality more than the popularity.


Additional website stats you are able to find

For you and the basic popularity analysis, stats above are just enough. For those of you who want a deeper website analysis there is a lot more. Beside basic stats and metrics we explored and explained above there is a lot more information this service shows.

  • ranking trends (history),
  • traffic and engagement analysis (current and previous),
  • geography and country targeting,
  • Top countries website visitors come from (this one is also very useful),
  • Audience demographics (gender distribution, age distribution),
  • Website visitors Interests (categories and topics)
  • Similar websites and competitors

bongacams geography and country targeting graphic mapbongacams audience demographics chartbongacams audience interests graphic presentation

All this information you can access for free. You don’t even have to register an account! On top of that, the website is easy to browse. Charts and visuals are clear and eye catchy, easy to understand. Absolutely a resource you would love to save (bookmark) for a future use.


Creating your own ranking list – how to do analysis by yourself

Whether you want to make a fresh ranking of the cam sites we have analyzed or you want to do a completely different analysis for other websites, steps are the same.


  • Understand what kind of analysis you want to perform and define what is the final goal, result or answer you are looking for.
  • Define relevant metrics that reflect your final goal the best.
  • Create an empty table for relevant metrics input. For this you can use Excel or even an empty piece of a bigger paper will be ok (if you are not familiar with the use of Excel).
  • Check each involved website and fill the metrics in the empty table you have prepared. You can use our best cam sites ranking list as an example of how to do it.
  • Sort the websites within the table by the metrics that define your goal the best.

Since you have all the necessary explanations on how we made the ranking list and you have the required tool (service) for analysis you should have no problems creating your own ranking list.


9.Conclusion and our final words

Well that would be all for this article. Hopefully we haven’t missed mentioning anything important. In case we did miss, the article may be updated. Anyway, whether you are a new cam girl or you are about to enter webcamming, now you know how to find the facts on your own. Beside learning how to find facts you had the privilege to extend your knowledge even beyond. To learn some other closely related topics that will help you understand how Google works.

If you have liked our best cam sites analysis and find this article useful we would love you to share it. Spread the words that will help other cam girls discover the real facts as you did. Make us save their precious time wasted on searching in the jungle of irrelevant articles and stop others making fools of us.

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