Website opened for the new member registrations

After nearly two years of a hard work and who knows how much spent hours we are finally able to proudly announce that are opening it’s “doors” for a new member registrations and we can finally say that registrations are opened ! From now on you have the chance to become a member of an absolutely unique website exclusively focused on providing help to existing cam models or the girls that are planning to become ones.

For a very start we have implemented just the basic features and services but even so, not that they are covering absolutely everything an cam model needs to know if she want to make good money but presented content is going far more further. It is extending the knowledge way beyond the knowledge that experienced models have. Features that will learn you “how to” work successfully and, what is maybe more important, how to protect yourself at the first place ! And guess what, that’s not all !

You will be happy to hear that we do have huge plans for the future too. There is a whole list of the features and services that we are planning to add to the already implemented features and services. Some of the upcoming features will upgrade existing ones and some will be brand new. Do we have to say, unique and absolutely free again ?

As for the moment, our primary goal was to make it sure everything runs smooth from the very start so we haven’t been rushing with the updates and the upgrades. They will come in the upcoming months one by one.

Please notice

We are running on limited resources and therefore we are kindly asking you to be patient with the support and our team staff. Be sure that we are giving the best of us. However, we are encouraging you to write to us any suggestions and ideas you might have. We will read and take into consideration each one of them carefully.

Furthermore, in case you have any issues with our website or you find any bugs don’t forget to report them to us using the contact form which you can find at the bottom of every page. That way you will help us to improve our website and make your future experience here better. In case you find some spare time and you would like you can send us your impressions too. We will be happy to read them and eventually publish some new over the time.

For the end, we won’t say something like “go register yourself with us now” or anything like that. Instead, we will suggest you to take a bit of your time to look around  and read other sections of our website. After you meet us better feel free to decide on your own if are an place that can really help you to make some good money and register with us or simply continue working on your own way that you got used to till now.