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Make money on webcam (latest facts and the truth not being told)

Making money on a webcam – myth or truth, introduction:

Before you start reading the article we would like to highlight one important thing. Within this article we are not going to explain how to make money on webcam. Whole learning platform is focused on that. What we are going to do instead is to present you true facts about webcam modeling. This article will help you to understand reality of webcamming today. Today’s situation in webcam modeling industry from the perspective you are interested the most – making money as a cam girl. So, let’s start.

From the first day cam girl jobs showed up in a form of webcamming there has been debate regarding how profitable webcamming jobs are. The main question in focus was if the concept of make money on webcam as a camgirl is really easy? The debate continued through the years and it is still actual even today, 20 years after. At the very beginning there was mostly one side that took place in the debate that you could hear. Those would be cam sites and studio owners. Most of the time you could hear only their positive arguments saying webcam modeling is very easy and extremely profitable. What you could mostly hear is one side of the story only.

However, today at their opposite side, there is an army of cam girls. Both, ones that are still actively working as camgirls same as the ones that have quit webcamming. At last, we can hear their opinion too, the other side of the story. As this debate lasts for so many years and the information are confusing, often contrary to each other we wanted to make them clear. Therefore, we have written this article finally putting an end to this debate. So how much money does cam girl make? Let’s go step by step.


Brief history of webcam modeling (webcamming):

At the beginning there were only few cam sites where you could start webcamming job working as a cam girl. Even better was the fact that there was small number of camgirls broadcasting at each one of the cam sites. So what does that means ?

Well, chances that you are going to make money on a webcam as a cam girl were extremely high. There was small choice of camgirls visitors could chat with and therefore almost no competition camgirls had between each other. As a direct result of that, camming only for a few hours a day almost every cam girl was able to make some really significant amounts of money. Back at the beginning, in it’s early development stages while webcam modeling was rolling out as a way of interactive (adult) video chat it was an mostly easy job to do. However, things have been changing over the time and in past several years things have changed dramatically.

But, guess what ? Cam sites, cam site owners, cam girl recruiting sites, cam girl recruiting agents and most model agencies (studios) are still representing webcam modeling job to public like we are in the late 90’s when webcamming industry has gaining popularity – easy money which is not true !


How is webcamming presented today ?

Today you will often hear almost the same story as it was at the beginning. At so many websites they say that webcamming is easy and that it is piece of a cake. Cam sites, majority of cam girl recruiting agents as well as majority of internet modeling agencies are repeating the same story over and over. What you only need are a webcam and a good internet connection and you are ready to go. Just go register yourself as a cam girl, start broadcasting and you will start making a lot of money with close to no investment at all.advertising campaign coverage


To make the webcamming look even better and more promising you can find “earning calculators” and their use is simple. You are requested to enter your age and number of the hours you plan to spend broadcasting. Calculator than shows you how much money your cam girl job will bring you. Here we will be absolutely honest with you saying that the result which “calculator” shows is not a lie. However, that amount of earnings will not achieve more than 1 or 2 of every 2000 camgirls. So then, how does webcam modeling job looks like in real?

How hard is to make money on webcam in reality ?

Today, webcam modeling is not easy at all ! Whatsoever, to make money on webcam today is hard ! There is a vast number of issues that have showed up. As the years were passing webcamming was evolving and many things have been changed so far. Let’s see the biggest issues that emerged making cam girl jobs and webcam modeling hard.

At first place, many new cam sites have showed up. Nowadays it’s not just 2 or 3 cam sites at which anyone can start working as a cam girl. There are tens of cam sites today! Following the “get rich over the night” story which was most likely to be found online, many girls started to work as camgirls. Each girl was hoping to make money on webcam and become successful or, at least to make some money for her better life. Saying “many girls” we refer to thousands and thousands of camgirls. Every month new girls have been joining to various cam sites becoming webcam models and that trend is still going on.webcamming facts


Internet development made webcam modeling harder

As the 2nd. issue that made webcam modeling harder is the Internet development. Lately, Internet came to all parts of the world reaching countries with poor economy as well. Because of that in past several years traffic origin has been significantly changed. Cam sites aren’t being visited only by the visitors from the rich countries anymore (those who can tip cam girls and spend money). Today there is a huge amount of traffic (visitors) from these “poor” countries. Actually, today there are a lot more visitors from such countries and chances to be tipped by visitors who come from these are minor.


“Freemium” cam sites completely changed webcamming concept

This is the 3rd. issue that emerged in past several years but it has absolutely the biggest impact on webcam modeling. In order to understand how big change this was for webcamming you need to understand what “freemium” cam site is. Simply said, it is a cam site (concept) where camgirls are allowed to show nudity while broadcasting in public. Furthermore, on freemium cam sites camgirls are also allowed to perform masturbation and sex acts in public. On the other side, “premium” cam sites that actually established webcamming concept do not allow anything of this in public. If a visitor wants to see adult content he needs to pay for it by taking camgirl into private chat.

So what happened ? Suddenly, cam site visitors did not have to spend money in order to watch camgirls doing all kind of shows. They are able to watch everything for free. Concept of the freemium cam sites heavily hit concept that premium cam sites have since it is opposite of them. That led to significant drop in amounts of money cam site visitors are spending in general. The reason is so obvious. Why would cam site visitor pay camgirls for private when they can watch everything for free. Since webcamming business was becoming more popular involving million of dollars worth profit several freemium cam sites showed up. Each new freemium cam site offered to visitors more “free content” and less site visitors were ready to spend money on premium cam sites.


Flood of sites with recorded cam girl shows like a cherry on a top

site with recorded videos blurred thumbnails example

This is another relatively fresh issue which makes making money on webcam harder. Thanks to webcamming many camgirls became popular. Significant amount of volume search for recorded camgirls videos started to generate not only traffic but profit as well. Realizing that and seeing chance for profit many sites showed up started publishing recorded cam girl shows. For almost a decade even private shows have being published.


The amount of sites and published videos is going up even today and that makes camgirl chance to make money on webcam significantly harder. Why? Because cam site visitors would find a cam girl they like on a cam site and than using google they would find her recorded videos. Often, they could download those videos for free so, why spending any money. There are several tricks that can lower down recorded videos exploit volume and partially protect cam girls (you) of this. They are presented to cam girls within several of our courses.


So, is it possible at all to make money on webcam today ?

Even with all the difficulties and all the changes happened over the time yes, it is possible. A lot if it too! However, it is not “a piece of cake” or “get rich over the night” scheme anymore.

If you want to make money on a webcam being a cam girl today you need to work a lot more. Among many other things you need persistence, consistence, nerves and patience. Beside the fact that cam girl today need to spend more hours online, cam girl needs to know a lot more. All the possible things, hints and tricks that will help her to make money faster, easier and with less stress. It is not enough to get a cam, show up online for an hour or two per day and expect to make hundreds of dollars anymore. No matter what others will say to you, that is not possible and it is not going to happen !

Till recently, beside cam studios that have been offering quality support to camgirls, the only way to learn necessary webcamming skills was by spending huge amounts of time online. Often, to an average cam girl it takes months of broadcasting, sometimes over a year to learn everything. Since adult entertainment industry evolves, webcamming also evolve. Learning how to be the best cam girl is a process than never stops. We have done our best to change things into your favor by sorting and narrowing down the most important things.


How to make money on webcam ?

Using sport language we gonna say: “If you want to play in the champions league you will have to be the champion league player”! In other words, you have to be the best so you can beat the competition and make money. With the right knowledge and the right set of skills, your chance of making money on webcam would be highly above other camgirls, especially beginners. Moreover, having them you will be right next to the camgirls that are camming for years. Camgirls that have years of experience behind. Yet, even so, everything would be only up to you.


Our friendly word of advice

If you are seriously thinking to start working as a cam girl or you are already struggling with the camming job you should consider registering with us. are one of the rare places at which you are able to learn absolutely everything webcamming related. From the big important things to the small, fine details that are actually making a big difference. Not to mention – for free.

If you manage to pass all our courses you will be able to finally reach nice earnings without any pressure from the comfort of your home. Camlessons are offering you a chance to make true change in your webcam modeling job and your life in general. Without pressuring you in any way we are looking forward to see you registering. If you decide to start your cam girl career with us, we will be more than happy to see our platform has helped you to become the best cam girl. If that is not the case we wish you all the best.

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